Cashew nut

Cashew nuts are one of the favorite souvenirs from Southeast Sulawesi. In addition to having high goals, there are many variants of cashews that can be obtained when visiting Southeast Sulawesi. Many say that visiting Southeast Sulawesi is not beautiful if you go home without bringing cashews typical of this area. The city of Kendari itself is found in many souvenir shops scattered on several sides of the city.

Shredded Marlin

For the Nusantara territories that border directly with the coastline with its marine wealth, finding shredded meat made from fresh fish is no stranger.
In Kendari itself, Toppers can find marlin shredded fish which will certainly give a different savory taste than shredded in general. With long durability, of course maron shredded fish is very suitable as a choice of souvenirs from Kendari.


Bagea is a traditional cake made from sago flour. Bagea itself is commonly found in the Maluku Islands region and also in several regions in Sulawesi, including in Kendari.
Bagea has a sweet taste and fairly hard texture. With the addition of walnut seeds and peanuts and spices such as cinnamon and cloves, this typical souvenir of Kendari is the perfect place to be a friend to relax with a glass of coffee or hot tea.

Typical Woven Fabrics

Other typical souvenirs from Kendari that can be chosen by Toppers are woven cloth. Typical Woven Fabrics Kendari itself not only comes with attractive colors but also a variety of patterns that symbolize the various tribes in Sulawesi such as Buton and Muna.
Material from quality woven fabric is certainly very fitting to be a typical souvenir for Kendari for someone special.

Silver Craft

One typical craft from Kendari is silver. Generally silver is processed into a variety of attractive accessories such as brooches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other trinkets.
If the silver accessories are not suitable for souvenirs from Kendari for your relatives, there are also silver handicrafts in the form of ornaments and interesting ornaments that are no less interesting to be used as souvenirs from Kendari.


Muna Island is a part of Southeast Sulawesi Province which has exotic nature, one of which is Lake Randhano Ghage. Not only that, Muna Island also has a special comestible. The following is one of the culinary specialties of Muna Island which should be tested by Traveler’s Friends, which is the preparation of Kambose or Kambuse. Muna Island residents make corn as a staple food. So the cambose made from old corn is always served during daily meals and custom events that are loved by all

Smoked Fish Culinary

One of the Culinary Destiinations if you visit North Buton Regency, to be exact at Bone Ereke Beach, you will be treated to Smoked Fish Culinary, with fresh tuna fish, which has just been caught.

Cekalang fish, is a choice of fish to be smoked. Because, besides the fresh fish, the texture of the meat is durable when smoked.

For choices the price also varies, depending on the large size of the fish, there is a price of ten thousand rupiahs, fifteen thousand rupiahs and twenty-five thousand rupiahs.

Kabuto Food

In addition to having a panoramic view of nature and the sea is very beautiful, Southeast Sulawesi also has a culinary tour of Southeast Sulawesi Province which is famous for its deliciousness. One of them is Kabuto. Kabuto made from cassava or cassava that has dried and then cooked.

At first glance, Kabuto’s food is similar to Javanese gathot food located in the Gunung Kidul region, Yogyakarta. This gathot food from Java and Kabuto from Southeast Sulawesi has little in common between the two. The location of the equation is both made from cassava or cassava that has dried and then cooked.

The difference between the two is in terms of complementary materials. Gathot supplementary ingredients is to give him a mixture of grated coconut and salt to give a salty taste or if you want a little sweet taste can provide a mixture of brown sugar. However, Kabuto is slightly different, in addition to providing a mixture of grated coconut, it also provides an additional mixture of fried salted fish.

Kabuto has long been a staple food for the people of Muna, Southeast Sulawesi, as a food substitute for rice, especially those who live in coastal areas. If the famine comes, Kabuto is very much needed and consumed by the people there to strengthen the body. The coastal Muna people, do not have any other staple food besides Kabuto because rice plants are very difficult to grow in their area.

Until now no one knows why this food is nicknamed Kabuto. In addition to feeling delicious and filling, Kabuto is also believed to prevent ulcer disease. To try it you can come directly to the fishermen’s village on the coast of Muna, Southeast Sulawesi. The price is also very affordable, around Rp. 5,000 per portion complete with side dishes of salted fish.

First in Indonesia, Southeast Sulawesi Dispar Forms a Tourism-Friendly Journalist Forum

Dispar Sultra considers the existence of the press or journalism as one element of pentahelix is ​​very important for the progress and development of tourism in the region in particular, as well as in Indonesia in general.
“The theme of travel-friendly journalists is not just a slogan, but rather a momentum and commitment of the media as part of an important element of tourism in Indonesia,” said Erwin Tahir, Head of Tourism Development and Creative Economy, representing the Acting Head of Tourism Sultra I Gede Panca, when opening the Workshop, Monday night (11/11/2019).
Erwin Tahir said, the presence of a tourism-friendly journalist was intended to be a sympathetic attitude and ethics of the media in observing and assisting the development of the tourism sector in Southeast Sulawesi, to be involved in maintaining a positive image of tourism.
“Sympathetic is meant is the involvement and role of journalists in writing and publishing tourism news in order to raise the image of tourism both in terms of image, and attract the interest of tourists visiting the area,” he said.
He mentioned that the launch of the tourism-friendly journalist movement had been launched by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta since October 2018, and had been carried out four times in several provinces in Indonesia and its goal with the establishment of a media center based in Jakarta.
However, he continued, seeing the role of making a media center with the primary goal of helping the process of distributing information, terminators, and conduciveness for the creation of a tourism-friendly situation, it is important to be followed up in the regions.
“We all hope that the formation of this forum can become a forum for example on how to share knowledge and control about tourism, to build acceleration of tourism development,” he concluded.
Meanwhile, based on the results of a joint deliberation and consensus of all participants, agreed and set LKBN Photo Journalist Among Southeast Sulawesi contributors, Suwarjono, as chair of the tourism-friendly journalist forum for the period 2019 to 2022.
Jojon, Suwarjono’s nickname, said he was thankful that he had been given the trust or was entrusted as chairman of the journalist forum. In the future, he asked all journalists in Southeast Sulawesi to work together to develop tourism in Southeast Sulawesi. Including support and encouragement by local government.
“Even though I have been appointed chairman, but without the help and encouragement of my journalist friends, I can do nothing, even if my friends think I am not successful in holding this mandate, please call a coup. Therefore, let us together develop tourism in our region, “said Jojon. sultrakini

Halo Sultra 2019 National Level Photo Competition, Completely Held

Although the event of the 2019 Halo Sultra event has passed since last April, but one of the items in it turned out to have just completed the peak of activity on November 13, 2019 yesterday.
The 2019 Sultra Halo photo contest, an event organized by the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Government under the control of the Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Tourism Office, has just completed the contest process which was packaged for 6 months since the opening of the competition at the 2019 Southeast Sulawesi halo event lasted.
Ahmad Nizar, as the coordinator of the competition who was the partner in this activity when contacted said. That the national photo contest with the new packaging is quite seized the attention of the public Photography in various regions of the archipelago.
“Thank God we, as technical organizers entrusted by the Southeast Sulawesi Tourism Office to run this competition, were relieved after the peak of the grand final awarding of the Halo Sultra 2019 photo competition was completed in Helat on the night of November 13, 2019 on the Wakatobi Wave stage,” concluded Ino familiar greeting of the competition coordinator.
Ino further revealed that his party indeed had a big challenge, because the concept of the competition like this where participants competed for 6 months and each month still chose the 3 best photos, the first time it was held in Southeast Sulawesi.
“Yes, the name is a new concept, of course there is still a lack of technical implementation in the process of the journey. However, communication and openness to the suggestions and criticisms of this competition is our capital to be optimistic that the concept of the competition that we made can run as it should. Plus professional participants and their main participants participants from Southeast Sulawesi who helped us provide suggestions so that the race could run even better “. Continue this.
The 2019 Southeast Sulawesi halo photo contest, which fought for a total prize of around 100 million rupiah, was attended by 235 participants from various regions in Indonesia, including Southeast Sulawesi, who were then screened according to the competition requirements and left 122 participants. On the eve of the summit announcement the final grand prize decides 6 champions each:
1st place in Korchnoi Pasaribu (Kendari City)
2nd place Rustam Awat (Bau Bau)
3rd place Habirun (Bau Bau)
Favorite Destinations: Abdul Rauf (Kendari City)
Favorite Event: Sofyan Efendi (Jakarta)
Favorite Cultural Traditions: Guntur (Wakatobi)
While the National Judges involved were Arbain Rambey, Afriadi Hikmal and 1 Sultra judge Arif Relano Oba.
Announcement The winners and photo exhibition of the national 2019 Southeast Sulawesi halo photo contest nominations themselves took place at the main stage of the Wakatobi Wave event at Wakatobi.
Through this event, in addition to increasing the database of Southeast Sulawesi tourism promotion materials, it is also able to make outside Southeast Sulawesi photographers come to Southeast Sulawesi in addition to being tourists while capturing the beauty and uniqueness of Southeast Sulawesi tourism. And this is evidenced by the number of photos included in the work of several photographers who deliberately came to the Southeast Sulawesi to take pictures not only in Wakatobi but also in several other destinations.